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The Moments After Your Accident Are Crucial

In an ideal world, nobody would ever have to think about what to do in the aftermath of a car accident. We’ve got laws on the road and people should follow them for everyone’s safety – but we don’t live in an ideal world. So, it’s best to be prepared for the possibility that someday you’ll be faced with an accident on the road.

At The FAB Law Firm, we care about your well-being and want to make sure you’re prepared for physical, mental, and financial recovery in the moments, days, weeks, and months after your crash. There’s no telling when this can happen to you or your loved ones so it’s best to prepare today.

Seek medical care

First and foremost, we want you to focus on your physical health. If you’ve suffered major injuries then nothing else matters until you’re on the road to recovery and getting your body right. It’s likely an ambulance and first responders will arrive at the scene quickly. If you’re able to communicate with them be sure to tell them about any pain or injuries you’re experiencing.

This is the most important point for your overall health, but also for your financial future. Don’t underestimate your injuries in the event of a crash because minor pains in the moments after your crash could reveal themselves to be more serious down the line. A failure to seek the proper medical care in a timely manner could cost you during the insurance claims process. Securing the proper medical care, however, strengthens your chances of getting the care you need.

Document all damage and conditions

If you don’t need to leave the scene to seek medical care then you should take the time to note all damage to your vehicle and the other vehicle(s). This includes taking pictures (multiple angles preferred) and noting the new damage to all cars involved.

You’ll also want to document the conditions surrounding the accident. What is the weather like? Was there an obstruction or issue in the roadway that led to the accident? What other factors may have caused this? It’s important to know you shouldn’t get these answers by discussing with other drivers (we’ll get more into this below) and simply take any of these notes you’re able to gather yourself.

You’ll need to document this yourself because it’s very likely the other driver(s) will be doing this and the police may also document the scene themselves. Without your own documentation, you may give the other driver(s) the upper hand during the investigation and during the insurance claims process.

Don’t discuss the cause with others

The conversations you have with anyone at the scene are crucial. You should only discuss what you believe to be the cause and other factors with your attorney and with the insurance company. Keep any discussions you have with other drivers to a minimum, focusing on getting their contact and insurance information only.

If you apologize or try to haggle about who is at fault at the scene then that information could be used against you in court. Similar to when interacting with police, you should not divulge any such information without first talking to an attorney. Talking to potential witnesses and getting their contact information may help your case, though.

Talking to an attorney is where the team at The FAB Law Firm comes in. Whether you’re in a Florida or New York car accident, we can help you get the insurance and legal matters taken care of so you can focus on your physical health. Contact our team and get the help you deserve after an accident.
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