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3 Tips for Being a Great Single Parent

Almost every part of your life changes when you get a divorce — including parenting. Whether or not your ex is still involved with your children, being a single parent is challenging. All the duties that were once shared now seem to fall on your shoulders.& &

Our love of our children is deep and intense. After becoming a single parent, people often feel a strong resolve to ensure that their children maintain the happiness and sense of security that they enjoyed when the family was still united. Unsure how to make it happen? The following tips can help you be a great single parent, and show your children that no matter the circumstances, your support of them is unwavering.

1. If You Have a Co-Parent, be Cooperative and Work as a Team

Even if there's animosity between you and your ex, it's important not to expose your children to this. Save any badmouthing of your ex for your adult friends and avoid undermining your co-parent's authority. Work together to present a united front to your children.&

It is helpful to set up a co-parenting plan early on and to abide by it at all times. Be communicative with your ex. It will help your child feel more secure if there is consistency between parents. If Mom doesn't allow hair dye, for example, Dad shouldn't be suggesting a trip to the salon for purple tips.&

2. Find High-Quality Childcare

When you're single-handedly supporting your family, you sometimes have to work long hours, which means you can't always be physically present with your children. Make sure that whoever you charge with caring for your children — whether it's a babysitter, a family member, or a daycare — is capable, qualified, and caring.&

Spending time with other authority figures can actually have many benefits for children of single parents. Just make sure they're trustworthy!

3. Take Care of Yourself

The simple fact of the matter is that being a single parent is difficult. As much as you love your children, it can be terribly stressful to be on your own in caring for them. That's why it is so important that you take time for yourself so that you can be your best for them. Whether it's taking the time to go to therapy, spending an extra twenty minutes in the bath with your favorite scented bath bomb, or paying the babysitter for an extra hour so you can go relax in the park or catch up with a friend over coffee, don't feel guilty about setting the time you need to be your best self.

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