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What to do if Your Ex Stops Paying Child Support You Just Got Served. What Next? Four Tips for Defusing Arguments With an Angry Spouse 3 Tips for Being a Great Single Parent 4 Co-Parenting Tips for Newly Single Dads 8 Myths About Men and Divorce 5 Tips for Managing Divorce Stress 3 Situations Where You Might Need to Modify Your Divorce Agreement 4 Elements of a Strong Parenting Plan Breaking the News: 5 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Divorce Money, Money, Money: How to Prepare Your Finances for Divorce Avoid These Common Mistakes Fathers Make During Custody Proceedings Florida Child Custody Cases Always Require Complex Care FAB Says: Contested Divorce in Orlando Child Custody & Child Support Issues in Orlando Divorce in Orlando: Legal Grounds and Legal Help Can I Move After My Divorce? Caring for Your Mental Health During Divorce Addressing Your Divorce at Work Determining Factors of Child Support in Florida What You Need to Know About Business Valuation During a Divorce Understanding the Different Types of Alimony The Moments After Your Accident Are Crucial Getting the Most Out of the Holidays as a Co-Parent What Does Your Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement Need? Parenting New Years' Resolutions What to Expect in a Contested Florida Divorce Why Mediation Is Your Best Alternative to a Court Case How Violence Impacts A Florida Divorce Case I Want More Time With My Kid, How Do I Modify My Child Custody Order? New Florida Law Limits the Rights of Car Accident Victims Two Major Changes to Florida Law Your Family Needs to Know About Filing an Emergency Pick-Up Order if Your Children May Be in Danger The Effects of Incarceration on a Florida Divorce Case What You Need to Know About Getting Remarried After Divorce The Elements of a Car Accident Personal Injury Lawsuit What Are the Repercussions of Failing to Pay Child Support? How Comparative Negligence Affects Car Accident Claims in Florida What Makes A Divorce “Contested How Will My Child Support Payments Be Calculated? Preserving Your Future After a Florida Motorcycle Personal Injury Accident New Section
Client Reviews
"Felicia is an outstanding lawyer who cares dearly for her clients. I have seen first hand the lengths she'll go to protect her client's rights and fight for the best outcomes in their cases. She keeps them informed and involved and always has their best interests in mind. I highly recommend The FAB Law Firm for Family Law.” Vaneskha H.
"I couldn't be more happier with Ms.Bunbury. She's efficient and understanding. Very dedicated to her profession and making sure her clients get the best outcome possible. I would recommend her to anyone!!! Thank you so much!!!!" Nikeisha A.
"I had an absolutely great experience with the FAB LAW FIRM. I used them for a personal matter and I must say they are professional, honest and punctual. I was very satisfied with the end result. I would recommend them to anyone I know." Arianne C.