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Caring for Your Mental Health During Divorce

At FAB Law, we understand the challenges of getting a divorce and how heavy the process can be for so many. Whether it’s out of the blue or something you’ve known was coming for a long time, you’re going to take on a lot of challenges during this process and we want to help you keep your head up.

We’ve talked about managing stress during your divorce before, but it’s a topic we want to dive deeper into today.

Understand the signs of mental distress

The most important aspect of managing your mental health during any life-changing event is understanding when you’re taking on too much. If you find yourself experiencing panic attacks, trouble breathing, migraines, blurred vision, trouble sleeping, fatigue, or other strange changes to your physical wellbeing you should seek emergency care quickly.

Understanding these signs and managing them well allows you to effectively manage and maintain your health. Knowledge is power and health is wealth. Know and manage the symptoms.

Prioritize YOU

Your divorce may take center stage in your mind, but it’s imperative that you recognize the one person you will have after the process is over will be yourself. You will need to make decisions that put you first.

This includes recognizing situations where you should be making decisions that center on you. Situations like:

  • Skipping out on a night out if you need a night to yourself

  • Going out with friends and family to enjoy yourself

  • Asking loved ones to give you space

  • Spending extra on your favorite foods, books, retail, or even taking a vacation

  • Attending therapy (which we’ll touch on more in a moment)

Don’t let yourself get lost in the process. Now more than ever is the right time to be selfish and stand up for yourself.

Trust in therapy

Long gone are the days when therapy was a taboo subject. Whether you already have a therapist or need to find one, there might be no better person to lean on than them when it comes to your mental health. Therapists have dedicated their lives to helping people find and maintain stability in life.

In your search for a therapist, you should be thorough and willing to say no. This process can include working with your insurance to make sure you find someone in-network, finding a therapist who is accessible, and searching for therapists who commonly handle clients who are dealing with family stress.

Have the right lawyer by your side

When you’re going through a divorce, you’re going to need a lawyer. The right lawyer will not only protect your assets and your wellbeing during divorce, but they will handle any necessary communication with your ex so you don’t have to deal with the actual source of all your pains.

At the FAB Law Firm, we have extensive experience handling family law cases and will help you get what you deserve out of your divorce. Contact us today and join a family who cares.

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"Felicia is an outstanding lawyer who cares dearly for her clients. I have seen first hand the lengths she'll go to protect her client's rights and fight for the best outcomes in their cases. She keeps them informed and involved and always has their best interests in mind. I highly recommend The FAB Law Firm for Family Law.” Vaneskha H.
"I couldn't be more happier with Ms.Bunbury. She's efficient and understanding. Very dedicated to her profession and making sure her clients get the best outcome possible. I would recommend her to anyone!!! Thank you so much!!!!" Nikeisha A.
"I had an absolutely great experience with the FAB LAW FIRM. I used them for a personal matter and I must say they are professional, honest and punctual. I was very satisfied with the end result. I would recommend them to anyone I know." Arianne C.