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How Do Florida Family Courts View Child Relocation Matters?

Relocating with your child after a divorce or separation in Florida presents a unique challenge that many parents don’t quite understand. You’re inspired by the hopes of starting anew but also need to meet the requirements of Florida family courts to move forward.

At The FAB Law Firm, we recognize that while the impulse to move and give your child a better environment is natural, working through the legalities of such a move with your child’s co-parent and the courts is crucial. Moving without the necessary legal approvals in place can have severe consequences, including the potential loss of custody, as the court prioritizes the child's current living situation until proven that a move serves their best interests.

When Do I Need Approval to Relocate My Child?

Florida law mandates that a parent must obtain approval to relocate a child more than 50 miles away for 60 days or more. This process begins with communicating your intentions to your co-parent. Should they agree, you both can formulate an agreement detailing the relocation terms with the guidance of a skilled Orlando family lawyer. This agreement is then submitted to the court for approval, where the primary focus is the child’s best interests. On the other hand, if there is a disagreement between the co-parents then you will need to file a petition for relocation, thereby seeking the court's permission before making any move.

How Do I Improve The Odds of Approval?

Are you making this move to improve your own life circumstances? It might seem like getting a better-paying job is enough to justify such a move with your child, but the court actually cares almost exclusively about the best interests of the child above the interests of a parent. Florida's family courts are not platforms to advance your own interests.

Demonstrating how the relocation contributes positively to your child’s life is key. Consider whether the move offers superior educational opportunities, a safer living environment, or closer proximity to extended family. These factors significantly influence the court's decision by illustrating a future where the child can thrive.

Protect Your Family’s Best Interests During Relocation

The FAB Law Firm is here to guide you through the process of starting fresh in a new location that promises a brighter future for your child. We understand your desire to make positive changes and are ready to align that desire with the legal requirements at hand. Remember, while you envision a new beginning, the final say rests with the courts. Contact our team to ensure that your journey toward relocating not only respects the legal framework but also positions your child’s best interests at the forefront of every decision.
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